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Domain Registration
What is a Domain? A domain name is a human legible reference to a numbered data provider. Each domain name may have different TLD indicators (.com .org .net etc.). A domain is not just a place to host a website but can also act as personal storage or a gateway to access the same content from different physical locations.

Who owns my domain? You own your domain. JDR Web Solutions offers domain name acquisition, renewal and management of domains but the domain name is ultimately your property. Domain names expire as time passes so we make sure your domain registration is automatically renewed unless you request it to be treated otherwise. This behavior will keep you from losing your domain to someone waiting to buy it when it expires.

How long does it take to get a domain? It only takes minutes to secure a domain name from start to finish once the information has been gathered. It can take a few days for the DNS root servers to propagate name server information but your domain can be secured prior to having a hosting provider or any content available for the planned resource. It's not uncommon to have a domain name long before you have a website created due to competition for domain names.

How do I decide what my domain name should be? A domain for a business commonly uses the business name to stay in tune with branding but you can adapt to variations if your company name has been taken. We can offer suggestions if your preferred domain name is already taken by another entity.


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Secure Certificates
What will change about my web site using a Secure Certificate? Websites using the https:// protocol have implemented a secure certificate.

What is the purpose of a Secure Certificate? A secure certificate ensures that data transfer is encrypted. Encryption gives savvy visitors increased comfort when visiting your domain.

Antivirus programs and search engines will tell your visitors that sites with secure certificates are more trustworthy than those without a certificate. Because of these influences, more businesses are relying on SSL as an integral part of an overarching tactic to garner trust by initiating SSL site-wide.

What type of Secure Certificate do I need? JDR Web Solutions offers secure certificate (SSL 256 bit encryption) acquisition, renewal and management. Our full service support team will acquire the secure certificate, make sure it is implemented correctly and automatically renewed. While the term SSL may be used here, it is only the more common phrasing, TLS is the technical term now for the updated encryption. We make use of TLS version 1.2 on our Linux Hosting services.

Doesn't a secure certificate slow down my website? It does slow down transmission slightly to encrypt data and decrypt the data but there are things you can do - like website optimization - to ensure that page load speed is not adding up for reasons which can be resolved.

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