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About Us
"If you don't know where you're going, it doesn't matter which way you go." - Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

Our Mission
JDR Web Solutions, Inc, provides quality consulting services that allow our customers to focus on their own clients by offering customized websites and hosting services.

Our History
JDR Web Solutions, Inc was started in March 2003 as an additional service of JDR Solutions, Inc to help offset the costs of the necessary infrastructure maintained for its Lease Management division. As the company has grown, so did our skillsets and the newer division of the company has grown exponentially.

We are pleased our customers continue to be satisfied and share their experiences. In August of 2007, JDR Web Solutions, Inc became its fully owned unique entity, continuing to support the original parent company and the many Website customers.


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About Us

Douglas R. Williams
President of JDR Web Solutions, Inc.
Vice-President CIO of JDR Solutions, Inc.

Guidance from Doug has created an IT infrastructure capable of supporting staff members, joint ventures, internet presence for multiple ecommerce customers, and international ASP solutions.

Doug has 7 + years in the brokerage industry holding a stockbrokers license, managing the systems operations with automated interfaces to the Chicago Board of Trade and created and managed user assistance departments. He also spent 9 years in the health care industry...

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Doug leads a team at JDR Web Solutions, Inc consisting of 7 staff members who collectively focus their efforts on Website Development, Graphic Design, and Social Media.

© 2019, JDR Web Solutions, Inc. is an Indiana-based company which has celebrated both creating and hosting websites for over 10 years.
Made in the U.S.A. and dedicated to both friendly and professional support throughout the entire lifecycle of services provided.