5 Reasons Why Your Brand Should Create a Podcast

It seems like podcasts have been on the rise since 2020 and they are continuing to grow. Right now, the podcasting industry is valued at $2 billion and it’s projected to be worth $4 billion in 2024. The United States is leading in the category of most podcast listeners with over 100 million active listeners. So, there’s already a huge audience to appeal to and it doesn’t take much to start podcasting. We’ll go over how to create a podcast in a later post, but right now let’s talk about 5 reasons why your brand should consider starting a podcast.

1. Increases Your Following

Creating a podcast for your brand creates another avenue to tell your brand’s story and make connections both locally and remotely. It will literally create a voice for your brand that will help you build trust and authenticity with your customers. You can also use your podcast to promote your other social media platforms and vice-versa. But, just like social media posts make sure you are creating valuable content.

2. Establishes Authority

74% of listeners tune in to learn something new, so it’s a perfect opportunity to teach customers about your brand, your services, and your team. This will also help you to find a niche for your podcast. Consider covering topics in your area of expertise to position your brand as a leading authority in your field. Your brand is something you are passionate about and listeners will appreciate your authenticity and knowledge.

3. Easy to Create

Launching a podcast can seem intimidating at first, but when you think about it all you need is a microphone, headphones or a quiet place, and an engaging topic. It can be an inexpensive way to promote your brand when you consider the other forms of marketing. Keep it simple, many listeners enjoy a conversational format for podcasts, plus it’s easier for listeners to retain more information this way. You may even be surprised to find yourself engaging with an audience that you never knew existed.

4. Builds Relationships

Consumers are loyal to brands that they love, especially ones that they can develop deep relationships with. Podcasts provide a unique opportunity to connect with a brand that other platforms simply cannot do. It’s a much different experience for your audience to be listening to your content rather than seeing a post on Facebook or Instagram. Your listeners will feel like they’re getting to know you and your brand on a personal level.

Podcasts can also help build partnerships with other brands as well. Consider inviting guests to interview on your podcast that are like-minded and can provide valuable content to your audience. Collaboration is a great way for businesses to help each other grow and further reach their target audience.

5. Creates Opportunities

A podcast can lead to a whole new world of possibilities and opportunities. Engaging with podcast listeners will help generate leads, increase website and social media traffic, and further cement your brand as one that can be trusted and be seen as a leading expert in the field. Over time, you will establish a following and may even be able to start monetizing your podcast channel.

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