Why Fonts Matter?


Looking at the image on the right, do any of the fonts remind you of any brands? The North Face, Zara, Tommy Hilfiger, Rolex? Most likely, you were able to connect some of the fonts to specific brands. Fonts can communicate your brand and help you stand out from your competitors. You didn’t think of […]

5 Ways to Enhance Your Mobile Design

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So, if there was a statistic out there that said people spend around 4 hours a day on their mobile devices, would that surprise you? Considering how mobile devices have created connections and a digital platform for people, it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise. But still, we would all agree that 4 hours is […]

Prepare Your Website for the Holiday Season

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The Holiday Season is Upon Us Say hello to the festive decorations, exclusive holiday latte flavors, and endless playing of Christmas music. And it’s not even Thanksgiving yet. But this time of year is the perfect opportunity for your business to end strong and start off the new year on the right foot. The holiday […]

SEO in Digital Marketing

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What Role Does SEO Play In Digital Marketing? A quick answer would be SEO performs the following for your business: Provides a low-cost avenue for sourcing leads and engagements.   It grows like an investment with time and effort. Allow web crawlers like Google, Bing, and more to index and log your site in their […]

Tracking Website Traffic

Tracking website traffic

We talked about why it’s important to create awesome content that stays true to your brand. But, now you might be asking how do I even know if my content is attracting my audience? It starts by looking at the numbers, or more specifically the data. Whether it’s a website or an app, there is […]

Why Social Media Presence Matters?


One Simple Thing What if we told you that there’s one thing you can do right now that will have a direct impact on sales? It’s ok if you’re skeptical, hopefully by the end of reading this you will be on board. So, what is this thing? Well, it’s pretty much everywhere and you can’t […]

7 Web Design Practices We Love

So, were you inspired by the Olympic athletes? It’s amazing to watch so many athletes perform at their very best on the world’s biggest stage. The spectacular gold medal events caught our eyes, but there was also an advertisement that stuck out. Omega did a beautiful job here; it almost makes you want to buy […]

The Beginner’s Guide to Off-Page SEO

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Welcome back! We took a little break from talking about SEO, we didn’t want to overload you with information. In Part I of the guide, we talked mostly about On-Page SEO and why it’s crucial to optimize your content. In this article, we will cover Off-Page SEO and how creating killer content can boost your […]

The Beginner’s Guide to SEO Part 1


Backlinks, crawling, indexing, SERP, algorithms… are you lost yet? Don’t worry, this is what tends to happen when one begins their journey into the world of SEO, or search engine optimization. We talked a little about SEO in this previous post, but we worked hard to come up with a beginner’s guide about SEO that’s […]

What Makes a Great Website?

So, last time we talked about why your small business needs a website? If you missed this post, then feel free to read it here. Hopefully, we convinced you enough that you’re ready to make a website for your business. So, let’s talk about what makes a great website and why it matters? A recent […]