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Who we are

We are a multidisciplinary group of problem solvers. 
Our goal is to elevate the digital experience through sleek, modern, functional, and personalized designs and processes.

As a locally-owned business, You want to keep your own identity, not hide behind someone else’s ideas. You want to impact your community and make a lasting impression. Maybe you fear your efforts failing, exhausting resources, or underachieving goals.

Looks like we have a lot in common.

grow your web design, web development, website, branding

Want to adapt,
and grow
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More about us

In 2008, we started as a solution for secure web portals in the finance industry, but noticed a creative need in web services. This discovery gave us momentum to go beyond the finance industry to help businesses flourish through thoughtful and flawless design. Collaboration between our developers, designers and directors will bring the highest level of results. We’ll personalize your experience and provide you with a team that cares about your company’s vision, brand, and goals for growth. 

About Jed

Always ready to find a solution, Jed is a great addition to the team! Prior to JDR Web, Jed worked for H.H. Gregg, Prosper Group, and Coles Marketing, doing front-end developing. He heard about JDR from a previous developer, and we are so glad to have him. He graduated from IUPUI with a degree in Informatics, fueling his obsession for technology-based solutions. Utilizing his WordPress experience, he loves to find problems within the structure of a website and solve the problems with ongoing maintenance. He enjoys learning more ways to improve SEO, building new features, and learning new techniques. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his elementary school boys, reading sci-fi or fantasy novels, and hiking.

About Tim

Hailing from Philadelphia and now adding Chicago-vibes, Tim is versatile in providing our clients the content they desire. Leaving behind Starbucks and textiles, Tim found a love for design and bringing other’s vision to life. Master of WordPress, Tim can take any industry’s vision for their site and bring their personality to life on the site. He is ready to learn each new plugin, work with motion, and use color to his advantage. During his down time, Tim is cooking in the kitchen, watching the latest Korean drama, and constantly entertaining his Bengal cat, Mochi.
web design, web development, website, branding

About Kyndall

Dedicated, resourceful, creative and hard working, Kyndall has stepped back into the career world as JDR’s onboarding specialist after being a stay-at-home mom for years. She’s a bit of a Jack-of-all-trades when it comes to her working career and is excited to add web development into her portfolio. Having a design background allows Kyndall to bring a unique perspective to the team while maintaining a customer mindset. Her main roles at JDR are client/team communications and managing all the details. She is the master note taker on the team! When Kyndall is not working, you can find her being crafty with her daughter, chasing her son around the house, going on a much needed date night with her husband, being active in her church community, and spending one on one time with family or friends.

About Bill

Bill adds over 30 years of experience to the team. Bill graduated from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology with a Bachelor’s Degree in electrical engineering and then earned his Master’s Degree from Syracuse University. He then spent 8 years in various engineering roles for GE and 5 years in software development for AlliedSignal. For over 20 years he worked in various roles at Cummins Inc., focusing on software development. Switching from software to web development, Bill joined the team! A faithful church goer, Bill gives his all to projects and to people. Married since 1978 with three grown children. Bill and his wife love riding their sport-touring motorcycles on the curvy roads of Brown County, with an occasional long ride to the Smoky Mountains.
web design, web development, website, branding

About Min

Valuing user-experience, Min works as a web developer, focusing on PHP development. Through his time at JDR Web, he’s worked for Marlin Bank, dealing with complex user-experience and helping our partner, JDR Solutions, with coding. Due to his consumer focus, Min will work to find any solution to make it easier for clients to use their site. With 5 years of working with us, Min loves JDR Web because of the work-from-home style, collaboration between developers and designers, and the ability to set achievable goals. As a father to two small children, Min loves outdoor activities, going to the zoo, and visiting parks with his family.

About Chris

Ready to assist in any situation, Chris heard about JDR Web through a past client of his. Word-of-mouth: the greatest networking tactic. He’s worked in utility development, updating problematic sites, and fixing complex issues. From security codes to auditing Python (not the snake), Chris has worked with multiple companies ranging from international e-commerce to large pharmaceutical firms, using PHP, Python, and Vue JS to develop and automation. With over 10 years of experience, he loves how versatile computer science and coding is for each unique industry. Aside from honing his skills, he lives with his lovely and spoiled dog Lylah, loves watching anime, and enjoys wine pairings and hosting game nights with friends.
grow your web design, web development, website, branding

About Matt

Originally from Middlebury, a small town in northern Indiana, Matt came to Indianapolis to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science at IUPUI, concentrating on Informatics and Human-Computer Interaction. With fresh eyes and desire to learn, his internship primarily focuses on task-management and coordination, getting to know the team and how to improve processes. Since moving to Indianapolis, he wanted to find new opportunities to gain experience within his field of study. He’s excited for a chance to work with the team and explore new interests along the way. Aside from studying or working on projects, he enjoys biking, being in nature, and listening to music.