Web Design

At JDR Web, your brand and your ideas help influence our designs, but we are sure to take every step to make your website reflect your brand and reach your audience. In tandem with web development and web services, our team offers web design services to give your brand a digital presence that appeals to your target audience. 

Mock-Up Design

Before we launch into the full-blown design, we want to ensure we’ve got the brand basics. Tone, colors, images, content, icons, fonts, and layouts, play into our mock-up process. To ensure we are creating a long-lasting branding tool to connect across your platforms, we collaborate with you to establish the direction for the whole website. With your brand guidelines, we can streamline your brand communications into one hub.


Prototypes are interactive, clickable versions of the mock-up, creating an imitation. This version allows our client to see the expected user experience intended by the web designer and executed by the web developer. As a malleable structure, our designers can accurately change the clickable features to better match your brand story and improve customer experience before the go-live process. These prototypes give an opportunity for a trial run before the site goes live and are the first steps in developing the user experience process.

Element Designs

From scrollability to animations, your design does not need to be static. Making your site dynamic, engaging, and interactive establishes likability and credibility, even in black and white. Our designer can create custom icons to bring your vision forward. These element designs impact your users’ overall experience. Depending on your design goals and user journey, we can add motion, create different widgets like a social media tool that shows current posts, interactive or brand-specific icons, and clever calls to actions. 

User Experience

To help customers understand your services and engage with your website, you need a user experience process. From navigation buttons to clickable content, your website needs to tell a story to potential clients. Similar to a physical product, the interactions users have with your website determine whether they convert to customers. By starting with your target audience research, our team can work to create an easy-to-use website without sacrificing design or brand consistency. To appeal to every audience, the user experience includes ADA compliance and accessibility. This creates a specific experience enhanced for those with hearing and visual impairments, creating a better experience and high overall usability and performance scores for SEO. Not sure how to do this yourself? We can walk you through it.

User Interface

Communicating your brand to potential leads and existing customers well is the benefit of working with a team who focuses on UI (user interface) and UX. Having designs that invoke emotions and invite people into the narrative of working with you turns your website into a 24/7 sales generator. Using our industry and competitive research, we can create innovative designs and write clear copy that best communicates your brand story. Implementing UI-focused web design and web development provides more opportunities to fill your pipeline and help you compete in your industry.   

Process of Web Design

At the start, we use your brand guidelines, research your audience, and create a brand story to optimize the user experience process across the user interface. We develop the mock-up on our end, and we will deliver a prototype for you to interact with and edit. Once we have approval and a clear direction, we build out the rest of the site, continuing to ensure the overall user experience process matches the needs of your target audience to gain leads. As you grow we can add to and adapt your website.