Prepare Your Website For The Holiday Season

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The Holiday Season is Upon Us

This time of year is the perfect opportunity for your business to end strong and gain great end of the year leads. The holiday season is the time to boost revenue and turn visitors into buyers by bringing in holiday traffic. The only downside is that your competition knows that too. So, we’re here to offer 5 golden things you can do to make your website ready for the holiday season.

1. Make Holiday Season Design Adjustments

You’ve probably seen the holiday sections in stores like Target or decorative holiday menus like at Starbucks. Your website shouldn’t be any different. You don’t have to dramatically change the design of your website to look like a winter wonderland. But prepping your customers via your social platforms, implementing holiday SEO, and optimizing your site wouldn’t hurt.

People get into the holiday spirit. Consider sprucing up your homepage and it can be simple. Just look at Target’s website.

Target Holiday Homepage

It helps that their logo is already in the holiday color scheme. But just adding the word holiday and other related words can make the difference. It’s not over the top but just enough to give off those holiday vibes.

Consider adding holiday imagery and colors, but the word of the wise don’t overdo it. You still want the design to be consistent with your brand. Amazon and Starbucks do a great job at this. Amazon is a little more subtle with its wintry design.

Amazon Holiday Homepage

While Starbucks is a little more obvious, but they stay consistent with their brand. 

Starbucks Holiday Image

2. Create Holiday-Related Content

Creating engaging holiday content is one of the most important aspects to your website as it goes hand-in-hand with making holiday design adjustments. By including holiday copy on your website, it gives you an opportunity to spread some festive feels to your customers. This results in building their trust and likely winning their business this year and in the new year.

If you have a blog, this is the perfect opportunity to write a holiday-themed post about your product/services. This helps your Google rankings and drives more traffic to your site. You can also set up a separate landing page specifically for your holiday specials or promotions. Having more content can boost your holiday sales and provide opportunities to explore the rest of your website.

By starting with your website, you will have long-form content to use in email marketing and on social media platforms. The more content you have, the more you can cross platforms and boost traffic.

3. Use Relevant Holiday SEO

Make sure you’re up to date with all the current keywords this holiday season. Some are obvious, like Holiday 2023, holiday shopping, Black Friday Sale, Cyber Monday etc. But consider the less obvious ones.

  • fun gifts for friends
  • small business Saturday sales
  • shop local
  • holiday sales for [x] service
  • finding the perfect holiday gift (this is a great key phrase)
  • shopping online
  • free shipping

Knowing that your competition has a similar goal, get creative with your holiday SEO by making it relevant to the season, holiday, and interests. Online shopping is easily accessible for many from the comfort of their own home, so make it easy for them to find you.

4. Run Exclusive Holiday Promotions

If you’re following the previous tips, then be prepared for your site to have increased traffic. So, that

Everybody loves a great holiday deal or exclusive holiday products. With people are searching for the best deals and interesting product selections having holiday marketing targeted toward what customers want makes it easier for your business to make the sale.

Best ways to create interest in your products/services:

  • Have a holiday countdown can add urgency for your visitors to purchase your services/products.
  • Offer a flash sale for a limited time.
  • Partner with non-competitive companies and create bundles for services

We know holidays get busy with family activities, work holiday parties, and your everyday life. By getting your website ready pre-holiday season, you can advertise your products and services ahead of time.

5. Optimize for that holiday traffic

If you follow the previous tips, be prepared for increased holiday traffic to your website. It’s critical to make sure your web pages load quickly, optimize your images and videos, and streamline the order process. If you run customer support on your website, create automation processes for answering questions, handling returns, and using promotional codes. Test your order process to make it as efficient as possible so buyers finish the sales process.

Ready to start?

So, there are multiple ways to get your website ready for the holiday season. If you have end of the year sales goals, having holiday promotions may be a great option for you! Unsure of where to start? We’d love to connect.

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