The Beginner’s Guide to Off-Page SEO

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Welcome back! We took a little break from talking about SEO, we didn’t want to overload you with information. In Part I of the guide, we talked mostly about On-Page SEO and why it’s crucial to optimize your content. In this article, we will cover Off-Page SEO and how creating killer content can boost your rankings.

What is Off-Page SEO?

As search engines work hard to provide users with relevant content, it’a important to look at all the facotrs of Off-Page SEO. Off-Page SEO is everything that happens outside of your website. So, social media content, links, blog, podcast, etc. This type of SEO attracts potential customers in other ways that your website can’t. And if you lead them to your website, your On-Page SEO, well-designed website, your user experience, will win them over.

Your Content Matters

So, it’s all about quality over quantity when it comes to your content. Think about your brand, you want people to trust it, right? Creating trust usually happens outside of your site, whether it’s through social media or a Google review. You can also build trust by establishing yourself as a brand expert with relevant blog posts. All of this matters when it comes to your rankings. Of course, you want to rank high for your searches, but don’t sacrifice the quality of your content to achieve it. Building links is at the center of doing Off-page SEO well, so we’ll focus on that first.

Link Building

There are 3 types of links: natural, built, and created. A natural link is exactly what it sounds like, it happens naturally. But, you should still pat yourself on the shoulder because that means someone decided to link to your site because of your content. A built link most likely happens from an outreach campaign. It provides exposure for your business. There are also created links, but that’s connected with the bad kind of SEO and we don’t want that. Instead, you can use internal links to direct your users and build credibility. So, just focus on natural and built links.

Social Media Marketing

This can sound overwhelming since there are so many social media platforms out there. But, just start small and focus on creating quality content and go from there. Hey, maybe we’ll even come out with a guide that covers the basics of social media marketing. Using social media is the easiest and quickest way to share content & gain exposure for your brand. Focus on creating interesting content and you’ll be on your way to building a great social media presence.


When it comes down to Off-Page SEO, you want to focus on getting your name out there. You want to leave digital footprints that will lead potential customers to your website. That’s why it’s important to create killer content consistently, so people will connect trust and authenticity to your brand. If you’re not sure how well you’re doing, checking your Google Analytics can give some insight as to how relevant you are to your audience. It can be a lot of work but don’t worry we’ll try to help you out as much as we can with our blog!

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